Streamer Zherka attacked after being accused of racism

Streamer Zherka was attacked after being accused of racism during a recent livestream. The streamer was playing the game Valorant when he made a comment about one of his teammates that was interpreted as racist.

Streamer Zherka Attacked

The comment was made during a competitive match and was directed at a teammate who was playing as Jett, a Filipino character. Zherka said, “Jett is so bad, she’s like a dog chasing a car.”

The comment was immediately met with backlash from viewers, many of whom accused Zherka of racism. Some viewers even called for the streamer to be banned from Twitch.

Zherka later apologized for the comment, saying that he didn’t mean to be racist. He explained that he was simply trying to make a joke about Jett’s playstyle.

However, the apology did not appease many viewers, who continued to call for Zherka to be banned. Some viewers even threatened to boycott the streamer’s sponsors.

The incident has sparked a debate about racism in the gaming community. Some people believe that Zherka’s comment was racist, while others believe that it was simply a joke that was taken out of context.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, it is clear that Zherka’s comment has had a negative impact on his reputation. The streamer has lost subscribers and sponsors, and he has been banned from several Discord servers.

It remains to be seen whether Zherka will be able to recover from this incident. However, it is clear that the gaming community is taking racism more seriously than ever before.

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