Top 10 Strongest Characters In Jujutsu Kaisen 



Special grade curse with the ability to manipulate the shape of his soul and transform into weapons.




Powerful jujutsu sorcerer with mastery of cursed energy and strategic mind.

9. Suguru Geto



Non-sorcerer able to defeat powerful jujutsu sorcerers with Heavenly Restriction technique.

8. Toji Fushiguro



Special grade jujutsu sorcerer with immense strength, cursed energy, and mastery of cursed tools.

7. Kinji Hakari



Special grade cursed object able to manipulate gravity and time.

6. Yuki Tsukumo



Young jujutsu sorcerer with immense potential and mastery over cursed energy.

5. Yuta Okkotsu



Special grade curse with immense physical strength and cursed energy.

4. Hajime Kashimo 



Ancient sorcerer with masterly control of cursed energy and powerful techniques.

3. Kenjaku



Strongest jujutsu sorcerer with the Six Eyes and Limitless technique.

2. Satoru Gojo



King of Curses with immense cursed energy and powerful techniques.

1. Sukuna



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