King Pin Actor Confirms After Daredevil: Born Again, Marvel Netflix Shows Were Canonized

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio expressed his gratitude to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige for supporting him and co-star Charlie Cox during the transition to a new creative team in order to get over some snags on the “Daredevil: Born Again” series.

King Pin Actor, Vincent D’Onofrio

King Pin Actor On Daredevil Upcoming Show!

After the finale of five-episode Disney+ and Hulu miniseries Echo, Maya (Alaqua Cox) uses her Choctaw ancestors’ abilities to enter Fisk’s mind and possibly heal him of the trauma he suffered as a child from his abusive father and the ball-peen hammer he used to stop him. Fisk is swept away before the police reach the scene, even though he is frantic to find out what Maya has done to him after she releases him from her hold.

D’Onofrio is not allowed to reveal anything just yet, especially since Daredevil: Born Again is still in the works.

It’s a valid question, but I’m unable to respond to it. D’Onofrio says to The Hollywood Reporter, “That question is boxed up in a lot of other stuff, and I can’t open that box.”

In another scene from the mid-credits, Fisk is seen moping on his private jet until a news article about the dearth of a credible mayoral candidate in New York City piques his curiosity. While D’Onofrio is unable to reveal too much about this plot point either, he doesn’t think Maya’s abilities changed Fisk to the point where he would suddenly dedicate his life to public service, the scene ends with Fisk appearing interested in running for mayor.

Vincent D’Onofrio Said!

“I don’t think he’s changed; I think he’s enlightened,” D’Onofrio says. “I haven’t seen a lot of the episodes of Echo. So, in my mind, after everything goes down with Maya, he gets on a plane, and … by the end of that flight, he decides, ‘If I want to be all powerful, this is what I’m going to do.’ That’s the most I can tell you.”

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