Ghibli Studio’s Next Film Is Sequel To 1084’s Nausicaä For Real Or Not

Nausicaä Confirmed! Or Not

Hayao Miyazaki’s new movie, “The Boy and the Heron,” is AMAZING! It did well in theaters, making over $100 million world wide (Except Japan Cause Not Released There). Everyone loves it – even the grown-ups critics who write reviews on rotten Tomatoes and MetaScore! It’s one of the prettiest animated movies of the year, the story makes you feel good, and it teaches you important things. Definitely go see it if you haven’t already!

But, after this movie what Hayao Miyazaki is actually cooking next? like there are some strong rumors that Hayao Miyazaki’s next movie being a sequel to 1984’s “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” this is not official but, it seems like it gonna happen.

Ghibli Studio's Next Film Is Sequel To 1084's Nausicaä For Real Or Not

Many fans on internet theorise this because Miyazaki’s new documentary shows him drawing a picture of Nausicaä and says “it’s painful to return to this world.” but it’s also a bit sad because it brings back old memories.

So, just like the painter might decide to paint something completely different next time, Miyazaki could also surprise us with a whole new movie story. We just have to wait and see what he creates next!

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