Scott Pilgrim Anime Opening Intro Released

The opening intro for the upcoming Scott Pilgrim anime has been released, and it’s looking epic! The video is set to the song “Black Sheep” by Metric, and it features a fast-paced montage of scenes from the show, including Scott Pilgrim fighting his evil exes, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games.

Credit: Netflix

Scott Pilgrim Anime

The intro also gives us a glimpse of the show’s unique animation style, which is a mix of traditional anime and Western-style animation. The characters look great, and the action scenes are fluid and exciting.

Overall, the Scott Pilgrim anime opening intro is a huge success. It’s a great way to introduce new fans to the series, and it’s sure to get old fans hyped for the show.

Scott Pilgrim Anime Opening Intro Released
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

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