The First Trailer for DreamWorks’ ‘ORION AND THE DARK’ Is Finally Here!

DreamWorks Animation has finally released the first trailer for its upcoming animated film, Orion and the Dark, written by the acclaimed Charlie Kaufman. The film is set to premiere on Netflix in Feb 2024.

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The trailer introduces us to Orion, a young boy who is afraid of everything. Bees, dogs, cell phones, murderous gutter clowns… you name it, Orion’s scared of it. But his biggest fear is the dark.

One night, Orion is visited by the living embodiment of his worst fear: the Dark. The Dark whisks Orion away on a globe-spanning nocturnal adventure to prove that there is nothing to be afraid of in the night.

Along the way, Orion and the Dark develop an unlikely friendship. Orion learns to confront his fears, and the Dark learns that there is more to life than just being scary.

The trailer is visually stunning, with a unique and imaginative animation style. It also features a heartwarming and humorous tone, with a touch of Kaufman’s signature weirdness.

The voice cast is also impressive, with Jacob Tremblay (Room, Good Boys) starring as Orion and Paul Walter Hauser (Richard Jewell, I, Tonya) voicing the Dark.

  • The animation is absolutely beautiful. It’s a unique style that blends traditional 2D animation with CGI elements. The world of the film is lush and imaginative, with a variety of different settings, from bustling cities to magical forests.
  • The characters are all very well-developed and relatable. Orion is a sympathetic protagonist, and the Dark is a complex and intriguing antagonist. The supporting characters are also all very likable and memorable.
  • The story seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s a classic coming-of-age story about facing your fears and learning to embrace the unknown. But it’s also packed with humor and adventure.
  • The voice acting is top-notch. Tremblay and Hauser are both perfect for their roles, and they bring a lot of depth and emotion to their performances.

Overall, the trailer for Orion and the Dark has us very excited for the full film. It’s a visually stunning, heartwarming, and humorous adventure story with a great voice cast. We can’t wait to see it when it premieres on Netflix in Feb 2024!

In addition to the trailer, DreamWorks Animation has also released some first-look images from the film. These images give us a closer look at the characters and the world of the film.

The First Trailer for DreamWorks' 'ORION AND THE DARK' Is Finally Here!
The First Trailer for DreamWorks' 'ORION AND THE DARK' Is Finally Here!
The First Trailer for DreamWorks' 'ORION AND THE DARK' Is Finally Here!
The First Trailer for DreamWorks' 'ORION AND THE DARK' Is Finally Here!

One of the most striking things about the first-look images is the design of the Dark. The Dark is a massive, hooded figure with a gentle face. It’s a clear departure from the traditional portrayal of darkness as something evil and frightening.

The first-look images also show us that Orion and the Dark will be a very diverse film. The characters come from all walks of life, and the settings are just as varied.

We’re really looking forward to learning more about Orion and the Dark in the coming months. It’s shaping up to be one of the most anticipated animated films of 2024.

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