Damien Leone says ‘TERRIFIER 3’ is the “scariest and darkest of the trilogy, so far.”

Damien Leone, the director of the Terrifier franchise, has said that the upcoming Terrifier 3 will be the scariest and darkest of the trilogy so far. In an interview with Variety, Leone said that he wants to “make people scared of Art the Clown again” and that the film will be “more of an evil overtone to it.”

Damien Leone On ‘TERRIFIER 3’

Leone has also said that he wants to “shift back a bit to the tone of Part One, which I felt was a little more simplistic and old school, gritty slasher.” This suggests that Terrifier 3 will be a more grounded and atmospheric horror film than Terrifier 2, which was a more expansive and epic film.

It’s also worth noting that Leone is known for his willingness to take risks with his horror films. He has said that he likes to give people “50% of what they know works and then a big gamble or something to keep it fresh.” This suggests that Terrifier 3 may contain some unexpected and shocking elements.

Overall, it’s clear that Damien Leone is planning to make Terrifier 3 the most terrifying and darkest film in the franchise yet. With Leone’s track record and willingness to take risks, it’s likely that Terrifier 3 will be a must-see for horror fans.

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