Francis Lawrence Says Constantine 2 Will Be Very Rated R

In good news for fans of dark and gritty superhero movies, director Francis Lawrence has confirmed that he and his team are batting around ideas for a sequel to 2005’s Constantine. And even better, he says it will be very rated R.

Constantine 2

In an interview with the PostCredPod podcast, Lawrence said that he and stars Keanu Reeves and Akiva Goldsman are “actively coming up with ideas” for Constantine 2, and that they’re excited to make a sequel that’s even darker and more mature than the original.

“We really want to push the boundaries with this one,” Lawrence said. “We want to make a Constantine movie that’s truly rated R, with all the violence and horror that the character deserves.”

Fans of the Hellblazer comics know that Constantine is a complex and morally ambiguous character, and that his world is one of darkness and violence. A truly rated R Constantine movie would allow Lawrence and his team to explore the character in a way that wasn’t possible in the original film.

Of course, it’s still early days for Constantine 2, and there’s no guarantee that it will actually happen. But the fact that Lawrence and his team are already working on ideas is a good sign. And the fact that they’re planning to make it a very rated R movie is even better.

Francis Lawrence Says Constantine 2 Will Be Very Rated R
Source: Constantine

Here’s hoping that we get to see Constantine 2 on the big screen sooner rather than later.

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