Ryan Reynolds Leaks Deadpool 3 …Mickey Mouse and a Predator

Ryan Reynolds Leaks Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds Leaks Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds Leaks Deadpool 3

Remember when Ryan Reynolds promised us Deadpool 3 would be “filmed in real, natural environments” to avoid leaks? Well, looks like he’s got a new plan. Instead of fighting the inevitable, he’s embracing it…with a hilarious twist.

Yep, Reynolds just dropped some “leaked” photos from the Deadpool 3 set, but these aren’t your average blurry glimpses. These are full-blown, edited masterpieces that will leave you laughing harder than Wade Wilson after a chimichanga binge.

What’s in store? We’re talking Deadpool sharing a coffee with Mickey Mouse, engaging in a brutal battle with a Predator, and even rocking a stylish new haircut with Wolverine. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so crazy, but the rest? Pure comedic gold.

Here’s the catch: Reynolds is urging fans to not overuse the phrase “Deadpool Leaks.” He’s worried it might clog up search results for people genuinely looking for spoilers or scoops (you know, the real deal).

So, what should we call these gems? “Deadpool Edits”? “Ryan’s Imaginarium”? “The Merc With a Meme”? We’re open to suggestions!

One thing’s for sure: Ryan Reynolds knows how to keep us entertained, even before the movie hits theaters. Let’s just hope he keeps those edits coming until then…and maybe throws in a few real leaks for good measure. We wouldn’t want to disappoint the search engine algorithms, now would we?

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