Will Poutler To Star In A24’s ‘DEATH OF A UNICORN’

A24 is known for its quirky and original films, and its latest project, DEATH OF A UNICORN, sounds like no exception. The film will star Will Poutler, Anthony Carrigan, Richard E. Grant, Paul Rudd, and Jenna Ortega, and it follows a father and daughter who accidentally hit and kill a unicorn while en route to a weekend retreat.

Will Poutler To Star In A24's 'DEATH OF A UNICORN'
Paul Rudd, and Jenna Ortega, “DEATH OF A UNICORN


Poutler will play the father, who is trying to reconnect with his daughter after a divorce. Ortega will play the daughter, who is dealing with her own teenage angst. Rudd will play a police officer who investigates the accident, and Carrigan and Grant will play two mysterious strangers who get involved in the situation.

The film’s director and writer, Christian Nilsson, has said that he was inspired to make the film after thinking about what would happen if someone actually hit and killed a unicorn. He wanted to explore the themes of family, loss, and forgiveness.

DEATH OF A UNICORN is currently in production, so there is no release date yet. But with its intriguing cast and premise, it’s sure to be one of the most anticipated films of next year.

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