Chapstick Shortage on the Set of ‘SQUID GAME’ Leads to Unconventional Lip Care

Chapstick Shortage on the Set of 'SQUID GAME' Leads to Unconventional Lip Care

How Condom-Lips Became a Necessity on the Set of ‘SQUID GAME’?

The wildly popular Netflix collection ‘SQUID GAME‘ had its honest percentage of unexpected demanding situations throughout filming. One such challenge become a chapstick shortage that left the actors’ lips feeling parched and uncomfortable. The dry conditions of the dorm set, coupled with the long hours of filming, took a toll on their sensitive pores and skin.

Desperate for relief, a number of the actors resorted to using an unconventional alternative – lubricated condoms. While it is able to appear to be an ordinary desire, the actors located that the condoms supplied a great deal-wished moisture and protection for his or her lips.

Word of this unconventional beauty hack fast spread a few of the solid and team, and shortly condoms had been being used as makeshift chapstick via many. However, this exercise failed to move ignored by using the producers, who subsequently stepped in to offer the actors with actual lip balm tins.

The chapstick shortage and the following use of condoms as lip care highlight the resourcefulness and adaptability of the ‘SQUID GAME‘ forged and crew. Even inside the face of sudden challenges, they discovered ways to maintain themselves going and make certain the success of the manufacturing.

So, the subsequent time you are reaching to your chapstick, spare a idea for the ‘SQUID GAME’ actors who had to get creative with their lip care for the duration of filming.

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