House Of The Dragon Season 2 Trailer Dropped And Looking Better

House Of The Dragon Season 2

Hold on to your dragons, people! The first trailer for House of the Dragon Season 2 has just dropped, and it’s everything we’ve been craving and more.

Get ready to get back into the Targaryen family drama, because things are about to get even spicier than a plate of fire and red sausage. We’re talking massive power struggles, incredible dragon battles, and enough brutality to rival his little fingers meeting.

Let’s face it, the dragon dance has officially been heated up. We have Rhaenyra Targaryen looking like she’s making some stupid fry, Daemon Targaryen is a delightful mess as always, and Matt Smith’s hair defies physics in all its glory.

And of course, a dragon! We see visions of Caraxes, Seasmoke, Syracuse, and even the mighty Vagar. They’re big, they’re nasty, and they’re ready to rain fire and fury on Westeros.

House Of The Dragon Season 2
House Of The Dragon Season 2

So people need to mark their calendars. The summer of 2024 can’t come soon enough. We are in wild, bloody, fire breath. is available

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go re-watch that trailer about a million times and maybe do some dragon-inspired push-ups.

Who is rumored to be House of the Dragon season 2? Let’s chat in the comments! 👇

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