The trailer for the remaining episodes of ‘LOKI’ Season 2 has been released

The trailer for the remaining episodes of LOKI Season 2 has been released, and it’s everything we’ve been hoping for and more. The trailer picks up where the season left off, with Loki and Mobius working together to fix the broken TVA and stop the multiverse from collapsing.

Credit: Marvel

‘LOKI’ Season 2

One of the biggest things to take away from the trailer is that the remaining episodes are going to be even more epic and visually stunning than the first three. The trailer features glimpses of alternate realities, massive battles, and some truly mind-bending visuals.

We also get a better look at some of the new characters who will be introduced in the remaining episodes, including Victor Timely (a Kang the Conqueror variant) and Ouroboros (a mysterious figure who seems to be connected to the multiverse).

The trailer also hints at some of the major plot points that will be explored in the remaining episodes, such as the true nature of the TVA and the origins of the multiverse.

Overall, the trailer for the remaining episodes of LOKI Season 2 is incredibly exciting and has us more hyped than ever for the rest of the season.

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