Stranger Things The Final Season Starts Filming in New Year

David Harbour Tease Stranger Things Filming
Stranger Things The Final Season

Stranger Things 5 Starts Filming In January

Attention Hawkins nerds, Upside Down enthusiasts, and Eggo aficionados! Dust off your Demogorgon costumes and crank up the synthwave because season 5 of Stranger Things is finally gearing up for filming!

That’s right, according to Deadline, the gang’s getting back together in early January to bring the epic saga to a close. While the specific date is still under wraps (rumors suggest January 5th or 8th), one thing’s for sure – the wait is almost over!

After a long wait. thanks to Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA strikes, production is finally ready to roll. Cast members have already been spotted in Atlanta, the show’s unofficial Hawkins headquarters, preparing for table reads and rehearsals.

So, what can we expect from the final season? The Vecna showdown is looming large, and Eleven and her friends will have to face their biggest challenge yet. Will they close the gate to the Upside Down for good? Or will the Demogorgons reign supreme?

Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: the final season of Stranger Things is going to be epic. So, grab your walkie-talkies, stock up on waffles, and prepare for one wild ride!

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