A John Wick Anime is in the works.

John Wick fans, don’t fret! Even though the fifth film is on hold, there’s still plenty of John Wick goodness coming your way in the form of an anime series and other projects in development.

A John Wick Anime is in the works.
John Wick Anime

John Wick Anime Film

The anime series is being produced by Production I.G., the same studio behind anime hits like Ghost in the Shell and Attack on Titan. It’s said to be a standalone story, but it will stay true to the tone and style of the live-action films. This means fans can expect plenty of action, suspense, and cool gun-fu.

In addition to the anime series, there are also other John Wick projects in development, including a possible spin-off film or series that explores the High Table, the shadowy organization of assassins that John Wick finds himself embroiled in. This would be a great opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of the High Table and its influence on the world of assassins.

Another possibility is a prequel film or series that tells the story of John Wick’s early days as an assassin. This would be a fascinating look at how John became the legendary assassin he is today. We could learn about his training, his first missions, and the events that shaped him into the man he is.

No matter which projects end up coming to fruition, it’s clear that the John Wick franchise is here to stay. With its stylish action, compelling characters, and rich world-building, John Wick has captivated audiences around the world. The anime series and other projects in development promise to expand the franchise and bring even more excitement to fans.

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