A John Wick Spinoff Series about The High Table is in the Works!

A John Wick spinoff series about the mysterious High Table is in the works. The series will be separate from the upcoming fifth installment in the main John Wick franchise, which is currently in development.

 John Wick Spinoff Series
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John Wick Spinoff Series

The High Table is a council of twelve criminal overlords who oversee the global criminal underworld. They are responsible for enforcing the rules of the underworld, and they have the power to excommunicate anyone who breaks those rules.

In the John Wick films, we’ve only seen glimpses of the High Table, but it’s clear that they are a powerful and dangerous organization. The spinoff series will give us a closer look at the inner workings of the High Table, and it will introduce us to some new and fascinating characters.

What to Expect from the Spinoff Series

The spinoff series is still in early development, so we don’t know a lot of specific details about it yet. However, we can make some educated guesses based on what we know about the High Table and the John Wick universe.

One thing we can expect is a lot of action and suspense. The High Table is a world of high stakes and dangerous intrigue, so the series is sure to be full of thrilling moments.

We can also expect to learn more about the history and rules of the High Table. How did the High Table come to be? What are the rules that they enforce? And what are the consequences for breaking those rules?

The series is also likely to introduce us to some new and interesting characters. Who are the twelve members of the High Table? What are their motivations? And how do they interact with each other?


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Potential Storylines

:- There are many potential storylines that the spinoff series could explore. Here are a few ideas:

:- The series could follow a new character who is trying to rise through the ranks of the High Table.

:- The series could explore the backstory of one of the existing members of the High Table.

:- The series could focus on a conflict between two or more members of the High Table.

:- The series could explore the relationship between the High Table and the Continental Hotel.

:- The series could introduce a new threat to the High Table, such as a government agency or a rival criminal organization.

Casting and Crew

John Wick (Franchise)
John Wick Franchise

No casting or crew announcements have been made yet for the spinoff series. However, it’s likely that some of the key creative team from the John Wick films will be involved.

Director Chad Stahelski has expressed interest in directing the series, and writer Derek Kolstad has also said that he would be open to returning. It’s also possible that some of the cast members from the films, such as Ian McShane and Lance Reddick, could reprise their roles in the series.

When Will the Spinoff Series Be Released?

The spinoff series is still in early development, so there is no release date set yet. However, it’s likely that the series will debut sometime in 2024 or 2025.

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