David Fincher Praises Netflix’s Quality Control and Predicts the Future of Cinema

In a recent interview with Le Monde, acclaimed director David Fincher had some interesting things to say about Netflix and the future of cinema. Fincher, who has directed two films for Netflix, Mank and The Killer, praised the streaming giant for its “by far the best quality control in all of Hollywood.”

David Fincher
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David Fincher Praises Netflix

“They balk at the slightest expense,” Fincher said of traditional studios. “That’s not the case with Netflix. They adopted an industry standard that made sense to filmmakers.”

Fincher also spoke about the future of cinema, and how he believes streaming services like Netflix will eventually become the dominant platform for watching movies.

“You know, we will not save cinema as a culture by restricting home distribution systems,” he said.

Fincher’s comments about Netflix’s quality control are particularly noteworthy, given his reputation as a perfectionist filmmaker. Fincher is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his insistence on multiple takes. The fact that he is so impressed with Netflix’s quality control suggests that the streamer is truly investing in its films.

Fincher’s prediction about the future of cinema is also intriguing. With more and more people watching movies at home, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify the expense of going to the theater. Streaming services offer a number of advantages over theaters, including convenience, affordability, and a wider selection of content.

Of course, there are still many people who enjoy the theater experience. But as streaming services continue to improve, it’s likely that more and more people will choose to watch movies at home.

Here are some specific examples of how Netflix’s quality control is superior to that of traditional studios:

  • Netflix gives filmmakers more creative freedom. Fincher has said that Netflix trusts its filmmakers and doesn’t interfere with their creative vision. This is in contrast to traditional studios, which often meddle with films in an attempt to make them more commercial.
  • Netflix has a rigorous post-production process. Fincher has also praised Netflix for its post-production process, saying that it is the best in the industry. Netflix takes its time with post-production and invests heavily in special effects and other visual enhancements.
  • Netflix has a global audience. Netflix’s films are available to watch in over 190 countries. This gives filmmakers the opportunity to reach a global audience that they would not be able to reach with a traditional theatrical release.

Overall, it’s clear that David Fincher is a big fan of Netflix. He is impressed with the streamer’s quality control, creative freedom, and global reach. It’s also clear that he believes streaming services like Netflix will eventually become the dominant platform for watching movies.

Future of Cinema

Fincher’s comments about the future of cinema have important implications for the film industry. If streaming services do become the dominant platform for watching movies, it will mean that filmmakers will need to adapt their approach to filmmaking.


For one thing, filmmakers will need to focus on creating content that is specifically designed for streaming. This means creating films and TV shows that are binge-worthy and that can be enjoyed on a variety of devices.

Filmmakers will also need to find new ways to monetize their films. With fewer people going to the theater, filmmakers will need to rely on other sources of revenue, such as streaming subscriptions, merchandise sales, and product placement.

The shift to streaming is also likely to have a significant impact on the distribution and marketing of films. With so much content available on streaming services, it is becoming increasingly difficult for films to stand out. Filmmakers will need to find creative ways to market their films and reach potential viewers.

Overall, David Fincher’s comments about Netflix and the future of cinema are a sign of the changing times. The film industry is in a state of flux, and it is clear that streaming services are playing an increasingly important role. Filmmakers who are able to adapt to this new landscape will be the ones who succeed in the future.

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