Deadpool 3 to Be Canon to Logan, And Director Shawn Levy Said…

In exciting news for fans of both Deadpool and Logan, director Shawn Levy has confirmed that the upcoming Deadpool 3 will be canon to the events of Logan. This means that the film will take place in the same universe as Logan, and will acknowledge the events of that film.

Deadpool 3
Deadpool 3 to Be Canon to Logan

Logan To Be Canon

This is a big deal, as Logan was a critically acclaimed film that was praised for its dark and gritty tone, and its emotional conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine. Many fans were concerned that Deadpool 3 would be a more lighthearted and comedic film, and that it would not respect the seriousness of Logan.

However, Levy’s comments suggest that this will not be the case. He has said that he and his team have a “deep love and respect” for Logan, and that they will be incorporating the events of that film into Deadpool 3 in a way that is both respectful and satisfying for fans.

So, what does this mean for the plot of Deadpool 3? It’s hard to say for sure at this point, as the film is still in early development. However, it’s possible that the film will explore the relationship between Deadpool and Wolverine in the wake of Logan’s death. It’s also possible that the film will explore the multiverse concept, and show Deadpool interacting with different versions of Wolverine from other timelines.

Whatever the plot may be, it’s clear that Levy is taking the challenge of following up Logan seriously. He has said that he wants to make a film that is both “raw, gritty, and grounded,” while also remaining faithful to the spirit of the Deadpool franchise.

It’s an ambitious goal, but Levy has a proven track record of success. He is the director of hits like Stranger Things and Free Guy, and he is known for his ability to balance humor and heart in his films.

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So, while it’s still too early to say for sure what Deadpool 3 will be like, Levy’s comments suggest that it is a film that fans of both Deadpool and Logan should be excited about.

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