GLADIATOR 2: Baboon Brawl Inspired by Real-Life Monkey Mayhem

Acclaimed director Ridley Scott’s much-anticipated sequel to the epic historical drama “Gladiator” is set to feature an adrenaline-pumping scene where Paul Mescal’s character battles a pack of ferocious baboons. This unexpected twist in the plot stems from a personal encounter that left Scott shaken and inspired.


While in Johannesburg, South Africa, Scott stumbled upon a video of baboons attacking tourists. The sight of these fearless primates left a lasting impression on the director, who couldn’t shake the image of their strength and agility.

“Baboons are carnivores,” Scott remarked, still haunted by the video. “Can you hang from that roof for 2 hours by your left leg? No! A baboon can.”

This newfound respect for baboons led Scott to incorporate them into the “Gladiator 2” narrative. Mescal’s character, Lucius, will find himself facing off against a horde of these formidable creatures in an intense and memorable scene.

The scene is sure to add a unique and thrilling element to the film, showcasing the unexpected challenges Lucius must overcome in his quest for glory. Scott’s willingness to draw inspiration from real-life events adds a layer of authenticity to the story, reminding us that even the most formidable foes can be found in the most unexpected places.

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