Endgame director Joe Russo appears to take a swipe at Martin Scorsese

Joe Russo, the director of Avengers: Endgame, recently posted a video on Instagram of himself with his dog, which he named “Box Office.” This has been interpreted by some as a dig at Martin Scorsese, who has previously criticized Marvel films for being “manufactured” and “not really cinema.”

Joe Russo Swipe At Martin Scorsese

In 2019, Scorsese told British GQ: “I don’t think it’s cinema. Honestly, I don’t think the same thing is being accomplished.” He later clarified his comments, saying that he respects the work of the filmmakers who make superhero movies, but that he simply doesn’t find them to be personally satisfying.

Russo’s video of his dog, Box Office, is seen by some as a response to Scorsese’s comments. The implication is that Russo is saying that his films are more successful because they appeal to a wider audience, and that box office success is a more important metric of quality than Scorsese’s critical acclaim.

Whether or not Russo intended his video to be a swipe at Scorsese, it is clear that there is some tension between the two filmmakers. Scorsese is a traditionalist who believes that cinema should be a challenging and thought-provoking experience, while Russo is a commercial filmmaker who makes films that are designed to entertain.

It is also worth noting that Scorsese has a dog named Oscar. This has led some to speculate that Russo’s choice to name his dog Box Office is a deliberate reference to Scorsese’s Oscar win for The Departed.

Of course, it is also possible that Russo simply named his dog Box Office because he likes the name. After all, it is a fitting name for a dog owned by a successful filmmaker.

Ultimately, only Russo knows for sure what he meant by his video. But whether or not it was intended as a dig at Scorsese, it is clear that the two filmmakers have different views on cinema.

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