Loki Season 2 Finale Become the Second Biggest Disney+ Finale This Year

Loki Season 2 Finale Drew 11.2M Views on Disney+ in Its First 3 Days, Becoming the Second Biggest Disney+ Finale This Year

Loki Season 2
Source: Loki Season 2

Loki Season 2

The finale of season 2 of Loki was a hit with fans, drawing 11.2 million views on Disney+ in its first three days. This makes it the second biggest Disney+ finale this year, behind only the season three finale of The Mandalorian.

The finale capped off a strong season for Loki, which consistently drew over 11 million views per episode during its premiere weeks. The series was praised for its complex characters, mind-bending plot, and stunning visuals.

It’s no wonder that the Loki Season 2 finale was such a hit. The episode featured a number of major plot twists, including the reveal of the true villain of the season and the fate of the multiverse. The finale also set up some intriguing storylines for the future of the MCU.

If you’re a fan of the MCU or just great television in general, then I highly recommend checking out the Loki Season 2 finale. It’s available to stream now on Disney+.

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