Most Anticipated Video Game Adaptions Releasing In 2024

Game Adaptions Releasing In 2024

Next year is not just a year of big blockbusters movies and cinematically acclaimed Shows! 2024 is also a gearing up to be a legendary year for video game adaptations. From post-apocalyptic wastelands to iconic blue hedgehogs, we’ve got every game adaptation list.


Dust off your Pip-Boys, because the irradiated world of Fallout is hitting our screens in April 2024! Amazon Prime’s TV series promises to bring the dark humor, mutated creatures, and vault-dwelling desperation of the games to life. Think Mad Max meets The Hunger Games, with a healthy dose of radioactive goo. Buckle up for a wild ride through the Wasteland!

Sonic 3

Gotta go fast? You bet your chili dogs we do! The speedy blue blur is zipping back onto the big screen in Sonic 3, hitting theaters in August 2024. After the success of the first two movies, this one’s sure to be a laugh-a-minute, action-packed romp with everyone’s favorite hedgehog and his pals. Just keep an eye out for Dr. Eggman’s latest diabolical schemes!


Speaking of Sonic’s crew, everyone’s favorite grumpy echidna, Knuckles, is getting his own spin-off series! We don’t have a release date yet, but we know it’ll delve into Knuckles’ backstory and adventures on Angel Island. Expect treasure hunting, epic battles with Eggman’s robots, and maybe even a showdown with the Chaos Emeralds. Get ready to punch your way through this one!


Gear up, vault hunters! The chaotic, loot-tastic world of Borderlands is blasting onto the big screen in December 2024. This live-action movie promises to capture the over-the-top humor, insane weaponry, and gritty world of the games. Just imagine Psycho singing karaoke while Claptrap dances on the bar – pure pandemonium!

Halo Season 2

Master Chief is back to battle the Covenant in Halo Season 2, dropping on Paramount+ in February 2024. The stakes are higher than ever as the fight for Reach intensifies. Expect epic space battles, Spartan action, and maybe even a glimpse of Cortana’s true nature. Time to suit up and get ready for some serious firepower

Arcane Season 2

The stunning animation and emotional storytelling of Arcane are back for Season 2 in 2024 (no exact date yet, but keep an eye out!). Dive deeper into the world of Piltover and Zaun, explore the evolving relationship between Vi and Jinx, and maybe even unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the arcane technology. Just bring your tissues, because this one’s gonna be a rollercoaster.

Tomb Raider anime

Lara Croft is trading in her pickaxes for anime in Netflix’s Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft, expected to arrive in 2024. This origin story will follow a young Lara as she embarks on her first globetrotting adventure, facing ancient puzzles, mythical creatures, and maybe even her own inner demons. Time to raid the fridge for snacks and settle in for some epic tomb-raiding action!

Return to Silent Hill

Fog’s rolling in, sirens are wailing, and the Pyramid Head is sharpening his blade… yep, Silent Hill is making a comeback! We don’t know much about the “Return to Silent Hill” project yet, but rumors hint at a new game, a movie, or even both. Whatever it is, prepare for some serious psychological horror that’ll leave you sleeping with the lights on.

Devil May Cry anime

Dante’s back to rock your socks off (and slay some demons) in Netflix’s Devil May Cry anime series, coming in 2024. Expect stylish action, witty one-liners, and enough explosions to make Michael Bay jealous. Just don’t forget the pizza – it’s practically fuel for demon hunters.

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