Netflix is actively working on their live-action ‘My Hero Academia’ adaption.

Netflix's Live-Action 'My Hero Academia'
Netflix’s Live-Action ‘My Hero Academia’

Netflix’s Live-Action ‘My Hero Academia’

After One Piece Live-Action and After years of speculation and rumors, it’s finally official. Netflix Is Going to adapt another beloved anime and manga series “My Hero Academia”.

But what can we expect from the live-action My Hero Academia?

While details are still not reveal obviously, all we do know that screenwriter Joby Harold (Army of the Dead, Obi-Wan Kenobi) is working on the script, and Shinsuke Sato (Alice in Borderland) will be directing the film. This is a dream team, and we have high hopes for their vision of the My Hero Academia universe.

What is a cast?

As before obviously there is No casting announcements have been made yet, but fans have already begun speculating about which of their favorite characters they would like to see play. Some popular choices include Tom Holland as Deku, Millie Bobby Brown as Ochako Uraraka, and Timothy Chalamet as Bakugo Katsuki.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

Of course, these are just fan casting. The final decision will be made by the filmmakers, and we are sure they will find the perfect actors to bring these iconic characters to life.

Production Update

Although the project was originally announced in 2021, no major changes have been made in recent months. However, screenwriter Joby Harold confirmed in October 2023 that he was still working hard on the script and was very excited about the project. This means production may still be in its early stages, and we won’t be seeing any scenes or casting announcements for a while.

P.S. In the meantime, you can check out the My Hero Academia anime series on Netflix. It’s a great way to catch up on the story and get excited for the live-action adaptation.

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