Netflix Price Increase Despite Refusing to Pay Actors Streaming Residuals

Netflix just raised prices again, this time for both its Basic and Premium plans. The Basic plan now costs $11.99 per month, and the Premium plan costs $22.99 per month.

Netflix Price Increase Despite Refusing to Pay Actors

Netflix Price Increase

Netflix says it needs the extra money to invest in new content and improve its service. But some people think Netflix is just trying to make more money.

One thing that’s really annoying about the price increase is that Netflix still won’t pay actors properly for streaming their shows. Streaming residuals are payments that actors get when their shows are streamed online. Netflix says it doesn’t have to pay streaming residuals because it’s different from traditional TV networks. But actors and their unions say Netflix should pay streaming residuals just like everyone else.

A lot of Netflix subscribers are angry about the price increase and the company’s refusal to pay streaming residuals. Some people have even threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

It’s not clear if the price increase will hurt Netflix’s business. But it’s clear that the company is facing a lot of criticism from its subscribers and from the entertainment industry.

What can actors do?

Actors and their unions are still pressuring Netflix to pay streaming residuals. They’re also asking subscribers to cancel their subscriptions until Netflix changes its policy.

In addition, actors are also looking for other ways to make money from their work. For example, some actors are starting their own production companies and creating their own content. Others are exploring new ways to monetize their social media followings.

It’s not clear how long it will take for actors to achieve their goals. But they’re determined to get the fair compensation they deserve for their work. (Netflix Price)

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Impact on actors

The lack of streaming residuals from Netflix is having a significant impact on actors. Many actors are struggling to make ends meet, and they are forced to take on other jobs to supplement their income. This can make it difficult for actors to focus on their craft and to pursue their acting careers.

Impact on subscribers

The price increase is also having an impact on subscribers. Many people are struggling to afford the rising cost of streaming services. This could lead to a decrease in the number of people who subscribe to Netflix and other streaming services.


The price increase and Netflix’s refusal to pay streaming residuals are controversial issues. It’s important to consider all sides of the issue before forming an opinion.

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