New ‘FEAR STREET’ Movie Officially in the Works at Netflix

Fans of the hit Netflix horror trilogyFear Street can rejoice! A new film in the franchise is officially in the works. The news was announced by writer and director Leigh Janiak on Twitter on November 9, 2023.

Fear Streets Netflix Movie
Fear Streets Netflix Movie


“I’m so excited to announce that we’re officially working on a new Fear Street movie for Netflix!” Janiak wrote. “We have a lot of spooky stories to tell, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.”

Janiak did not provide any details about the plot or setting of the new film, but she did say that it will be “a new chapter in the Fear Street saga.” This suggests that the film will not be a direct sequel to the trilogy, which took place in the fictional town of Shadyside in 1994, 1978, and 1666.

It is also possible that the new film will be based on one of R.L. Stine’s other Fear Street books. There are over 50 books in the series, so there is plenty of material for Janiak and her team to draw from.

Regardless of what the new film is about, fans of the “Fear Street” trilogy can expect more of the same scares and thrills. Janiak and her team did a fantastic job with the first three films, and there is no doubt that they will deliver another chilling experience with the new film.

Based on the success of the first three films, it is safe to expect that the new “Fear Street” movie will be another well-made and terrifying horror film. Janiak and her team have a proven track record, and they know what it takes to make a great horror film.

In addition to the scares, fans can also expect the new film to have a strong emotional core. Janiak did a great job of developing the characters in the first three films, and there is no doubt that she will do the same in the new film.

It is still too early to say when the new “Fear Street” movie will be released. However, given that it is already in the works, it is possible that we could see it as early as 2024.

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