Ryan Gosling Is In Talks With Kevin Feige To Play An Unknown Role In MCU

Ryan Gosling Is In Talks With Kevin Feige To Play An Unknown Role In MCU

Ryan Gosling In MCU

After Winning Golden Globe and Collaboration With Margot Robbie In Highly Appreciated Movie Barbie. Now Our (Me*) actor Ryan Gosling is rumored to cast in marvel cinematic universe to play some unknown role.

Source: Twitter/The Hollywood Headline

According to insider Daniel RPK, Gosling has reportedly been spotted in a face-to-face meeting with the Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios. While the details of their chat remain as secret as Captain America’s shield formula, rumors suggest Gosling could be suiting up for an undisclosed role in the ever-expanding MCU.

Now, this isn’t the first time Gosling’s name has tangoed with superhero. He’s openly expressed interest in diving into the world of capes and spandex, even mentioning Ghost Rider as a character he’d relish bringing to life. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see him smolder his way through Hell on a flaming motorcycle?

But with countless projects brewing in the Marvel cauldron, from solo hero launches to cosmic team-ups, the possibilities for Gosling’s potential debut are as vast as the multiverse itself. Could he be the charming rogue joining the Guardians of the Galaxy? A cunning villain testing the Avengers’ mettle? Or maybe even a cosmic cowboy like Nova, lassoing trouble across the galaxy?

While we wait for official confirmation from Marvel Studios, one thing’s for sure: the mere chance of Ryan Gosling joining the MCU has sent fan theories into overdrive. Twitter timelines are ablaze with casting suggestions, fan art mockups are popping up like cosmic weeds, and speculation is hotter than Iron Man’s repulsor blasts.

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