Stranger Things DLC Returns to Dead by Daylight in Time for Halloween

Good news for horror fans, the beloved Stranger Things DLC is returning to Dead by Daylight just in time for Halloween! The DLC, which was originally released in 2019 and removed from the game in November 2021 due to licensing issues, will be available again on all platforms soon.

Stranger Things DLC Returns to Dead by Daylight in Time for Halloween
Dead by Daylight

Stranger Things DLC

This is great news for fans who missed out on the DLC the first time around, or who want to relive the thrills of the Upside Down. The DLC includes two playable characters, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington, as well as the Demogorgon as a killer. It also features the Hawkins National Laboratory map, which is based on the iconic location from the Stranger Things series.

Pricing and Availability

The Stranger Things DLC will be available for purchase for $11.99 on all platforms. It will also be available as part of the Dead by Daylight Ultimate Edition, which includes all of the game’s DLCs.

What This Means For The Game

The return of the Stranger Things DLC is a big deal for Dead by Daylight. The DLC was one of the most popular in the game’s history, and it is sure to attract new players and bring back old ones. It is also a sign that Behaviour Interactive is committed to supporting the game and adding new content for years to come.

Are You Excited For The DLC’s Return?

I know I am! I’m a big fan of both Stranger Things and Dead by Daylight, so I’m excited to be able to play as Nancy and Steve again. I’m also looking forward to trying out the Demogorgon as a killer.

What Else Can We Expect From Dead by Daylight In The Future?

Behaviour Interactive has not announced any specific plans for the future of Dead by Daylight, but they have said that they are committed to supporting the game. I expect to see more new DLCs and content updates in the coming months and years.

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