Taylor Swift Is Now First Women To Rank One On Spotify! Since 2012

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Reign on Spotify

Taylor Swift has over again demonstrated her dominance inside the music industry, becoming the primary lady Spotify streaming artist seeing that Rihanna’s reign in 2012. With an impressive 26.1 billion streams by way of 2023 consequently, Swift has exceeded the likes of Drake and Bad Bunny , as well as Ed Sheeran, who have always held the pinnacle spot in recent years.

This achievement is a testomony to Swift’s enduring popularity and capability to hook up with generations of fanatics. His track has advanced over the years, however his capabilities in catchy melodies and lyrical expression positioned him at the leading edge of the enterprise.

Swift’s dominance on Spotify is a mirrored image of her social media presence and ability to connect at once with lovers. She has a devoted fan base that eagerly awaits her new tune and broadly stocks her lyrics on line.

YearArtistStreams (billions)
2013Macklemore & Ryan LewisN/A
2014Ed Sheeran860
2017Ed Sheeran6.3
2019Post Malone6.5
2020Bad Bunny8.3
2021Bad Bunny9.1
2022Bad Bunny18.5
2023Taylor Swift26.1

Congratulations to Taylor Swift for this wonderful milestone! Her reign on Spotify is positive to preserve for many years to come.

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