The IT Prequel Series Coming in 2025

Fans of the Stephen King classic IT can rejoice! A prequel series to the 2017 and 2019 films, titled Welcome to Derry, is set to premiere on HBO Max in 2025.

The IT Prequel Series Coming in 2025
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IT Prequel Series

The series will be set in the 1960s, decades before the events of the movies. It will explore the origins of the town of Derry’s curse and, presumably, Pennywise the Clown.

Andy Muschietti, who directed both IT films, will return to direct the first episode of the series and serve as an executive producer. Barbara Muschietti, his sister and producing partner, will also be involved.

The cast of Welcome to Derry includes Taylour Paige, Jovan Adepo, Chris Chalk, and James Remar. Madeleine Stowe and Stephen Rider have also joined the cast in recurring roles.

Not much is known about the plot of the series yet, but Muschietti has said that it will be a “terrifying” and “emotional” journey. He has also hinted that the series will explore themes of racism and sexism in the 1960s.

Welcome to Derry is sure to be one of the most anticipated horror shows of 2025. With Muschietti back at the helm and a promising cast, the series is poised to be just as scary and successful as the IT films.

What To Expect

Based on what we know so far, Welcome to Derry is shaping up to be a must-watch for fans of horror and Stephen King. Here are a few things you can expect from the series:

  • A terrifying and emotional journey: Muschietti has said that the series will be both scary and emotional, so expect to be on the edge of your seat and shedding a few tears.
  • A new perspective on Derry: The series will explore the town of Derry in the 1960s, decades before the events of the IT films. This will give us a new perspective on the town and its curse.
  • Pennywise the Clown: While it’s unclear how much we’ll see of Pennywise in the series, it’s likely that the iconic clown will make an appearance.
  • A talented cast: The cast of Welcome to Derry includes some of the most exciting young actors working today. Taylour Paige, Jovan Adepo, and Chris Chalk are all known for their outstanding performances in recent films and TV shows.

Why you should be excited

If you’re a fan of horror, Stephen King, or the IT films, then you should be excited for Welcome to Derry. The series has the potential to be one of the best horror shows of recent years.

Muschietti is a proven talent in the horror genre, and he has a clear vision for the series. The cast is also incredibly talented, and they’re sure to bring the characters to life in a way that will both terrify and move viewers.

Welcome to Derry is still a few years away, but it’s already shaping up to be a must-watch event. Fans of horror and Stephen King should definitely mark their calendars for 2025.

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