What If? Season 2: Episode Titles And Release Order

What If? Season 2: Episode Titles And Release Order
What If? Season 2

Cryptic4KQual and MyCosmicCircus have revealed the official episode titles and release order for ‘What If…?’ season 2.

Episode Titles For The What If? Season 2

  • Episode 1: What If… Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?

Nebula’s life takes an unexpected turn when she joins the noble Nova Corps, leading her to become a cosmic protector and a guardian of peace.

  • Episode 2: What If… Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

An alternate version of Peter Quill, raised by Ego instead of the Ravagers, turns against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, posing a formidable threat to the planet’s safety.

  • Episode 2: What If… Happy Hogan Saved Christmas?

Happy Hogan, Iron Man’s loyal friend and confidante, takes center stage in this festive tale, stepping up to save Christmas from an unexpected threat.

  • Episode 3: What If… Iron Man Crashed into the Grandmaster?

Iron Man’s journey takes a detour when he crash-lands on the Grandmaster’s hedonistic planet, forcing him to navigate a treacherous world of games and challenges.

  • Episode 4: What If… Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?

Captain Carter, the super-soldier from an alternate reality, faces her ultimate challenge when she confronts the menacing Hydra Stomper, a formidable weapon of war.


What If? Season 2 Release Date
  • Episode 5: What If… The Avengers Assembled in 1602?

The Avengers assemble in a world inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Marvel 1602 comic series, where they must adapt to the technological limitations and societal norms of a bygone era.

  • Episode 6: What If… Hela Found the Ten Rings?

The powerful Asgardian goddess Hela gains possession of the Ten Rings, granting her immense power and setting her on a path of conquest.

  • Episode 7: What If… Kahhori Reshaped the World?

Kahhori, an original character from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, emerges as a powerful force, reshaping the world with her unique abilities.

  • Episode 8: What If… Strange Supreme Intervened?

Doctor Strange Supreme, a powerful sorcerer from a dark reality, intervenes in the affairs of other universes, seeking to prevent the catastrophic events that befell his own world.

What If... Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?
What If… Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?

Release Dates For The What If? Season 2 Episodes

What If…? Season 2 will be released on Disney+ on December 22, 2023. New episodes will be released daily for nine days, with the finale airing on December 30, 2023.

What What If? Season 2 Is About?

What If…? Season 2 continues to explore the infinite possibilities of the Marvel multiverse, delving into new and unexplored scenarios that challenge our understanding of the MCU. The Watcher returns as our guide.

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