Winona Ryder Asked ‘What Is Netflix? What Is Streaming?’ in First ‘Stranger Things’

It’s hard to imagine a world without Netflix now, but back in 2016, it was still a relatively new concept. And even though Winona Ryder was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, she was no exception.

Winona Ryder Didn’t Know What Netflix Was

When She Auditioned for ‘Stranger Things’

In a recent interview on the podcast Happy, Sad, Confused, Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy revealed that Ryder had no idea what Netflix or streaming was when she first met with him about the show.

“Winona opened our first meeting, the Duffers and I sat down and had tea with her, she opened by asking, ‘What is Netflix? What is streaming? Is it like TV but different?'” Levy recalled. “That was the start of the starting point.”

Levy said that he was “taken aback” by Ryder’s question, but that he was also impressed by her willingness to learn.

“I adore that woman,” he said. “But Winona took a little onboarding to explain this emerging form of storytelling called Netflix and streaming.”

Ryder eventually came around to the idea of streaming, and she went on to star in Stranger Things, which has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

Ryder’s lack of knowledge about Netflix is a reminder of how quickly the entertainment industry has changed in recent years. Just a few years ago, streaming was still a niche product, but now it’s the dominant way that people watch TV and movies.

It’s also a reminder that even the biggest stars in Hollywood aren’t immune to change. Ryder is a veteran actress with decades of experience, but she was still willing to learn about something new.

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