xQc Calls Out MrBeast’s Scripted Endings

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has been critical of MrBeast’s videos in the past, and his latest comments are no exception. In a recent stream, xQc advised his chat to get out before the finals in MrBeast videos because of the “scripting.”

xQc MrBeast’s Videos

“I’m not even kidding,” xQc said. “These endgames are so scripted and dumb. The dumbest st happens, just f**** go home, dude.”

xQc went on to point out specific examples of what he believes is scripting in MrBeast’s videos. For example, in one video, MrBeast and his friends are playing a game where they have to cross a series of obstacle courses. In the final round, MrBeast is the only one left standing. However, he then trips and falls, allowing his friend to win.

“That’s so obviously scripted,” xQc said. “There’s no way he would just trip and fall like that.”

In another example, MrBeast and his friends are playing a game of hide-and-seek. MrBeast is the seeker, and he has to find all of his friends within a certain amount of time. However, he is always able to find them very easily, even when they are hiding in very difficult places.

“That’s also scripted,” xQc said. “There’s no way he would be able to find them that easily every time.”

xQc’s comments have sparked a debate among his fans and viewers. Some people agree with him that MrBeast’s videos are scripted, while others believe that they are simply very well-edited.

xQc Calls Out MrBeast's Scripted Endings

Regardless of whether or not MrBeast’s videos are scripted, it’s clear that xQc is not a fan of the trend. He has been critical of MrBeast’s videos in the past, and his latest comments are just the latest example.

It’s also worth noting that MrBeast himself has admitted to scripting some of his videos. In a 2020 interview, he said that he scripts the endings of some of his videos because he wants to make sure that they are exciting and satisfying for his viewers.

“I want my viewers to be entertained,” MrBeast said. “And sometimes, that means scripting the endings of my videos.”

So, are MrBeast’s endgames scripted? It depends on how you define “scripted.” If you mean that he knows what’s going to happen and he edits the videos to make it look like it’s happening spontaneously, then yes, some of his endgames are scripted. However, if you mean that he’s forcing his friends to do certain things or that he’s using special effects to create the illusion of excitement, then no, his endgames are not scripted.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual viewer to decide whether or not they believe that MrBeast’s endgames are scripted.

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