Dafne Keen Will Return In Upcoming Deadpool 3

Dafne Keen In Deadpool 3
Dafne Keen In Deadpool 3

Exciting News: Dafne Keen to Reprise Role as X-23 in ‘Deadpool 3’!

Dafne Keen In Deadpool 3

Fans of the X-Men franchise are excited about the news that Daphne Keen is reportedly set to return as her breakout character Laura Kinney/X-23 in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Keen first admired X-23 in the fiery 2017 film ‘Logan’. and stole the hearts of audiences with models, including Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

X-23’s influence on the X-Men universe

X-23, the genetically engineered Wolverine, became an instant fan favorite due to his unwavering determination, razor-sharp intelligence and undeniable badassery His presence in the X-Men universe has been nothing short of electrifying, and his return will undoubtedly be so hugely rushed.

What To Expect From X-23 In Deadpool 3?

While details regarding Keen’s involvement in Deadpool 3 remain under wraps, he is rumored to play a pivotal role in the film. Some speculate that she could also team up with Deadpool for an unlikely but awesome pairing.

Favorite Character Returns

The revival of X-23 is a pivotal moment in Keane’s X-Men franchise, and it will surely be a treat for fans who have been eagerly awaiting his return and ready to go down to the -23 zone

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for X-23, and we’re confident that Dafne Keen will continue to deliver an unforgettable performance in the role.

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