Shawn Levy Reveals Hugh Jackman’s Reaction to Wearing the Blue and Yellow Suit in ‘Deadpool 3’

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine, and he’s finally getting to wear the iconic blue and yellow suit in Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 2024
Deadpool 3 dir, Shawn Levy

Hugh Jackman Said F**k Yeah

Director Shawn Levy recently revealed Jackman’s reaction to seeing the suit for the first time, and it was pretty much what you’d expect:

“F**k yeah!”

Levy told the story on Jake Hamilton’s YouTube channel, Jake’s Takes. He said that he and the rest of the Deadpool 3 team were really excited to see Jackman back in the suit, and they wanted to make sure it was perfect.

“We worked with an army of the nerdiest nerds to create the most comic-accurate Wolverine suit ever made,” Levy said. “And when Hugh finally saw it, he was just blown away.”

Jackman has played Wolverine in nine X-Men films, but he’s never worn the classic blue and yellow suit in a live-action film before. The suit has been a staple of the Wolverine comics for decades, and fans have been begging to see it on the big screen for years.

“I don’t know if this is our last shot at Wolverine on screen,” Levy said, “so I was going to make goddamned sure we get the old yellow and blue just once, and that we get it right.”

And it looks like they got it right. Photos of Jackman in the suit have leaked online, and they look incredible. The suit is perfectly comic-accurate, and Jackman looks like he stepped right out of the pages of a Wolverine comic book.

Fans are going to be so excited to see Hugh Jackman back in the Wolverine suit,” Levy said. “And I can’t wait to show them what we’ve done.”

Deadpool 3 is scheduled to be released in theaters on November 8, 2024. (Expected not confirmed)

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