Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Star in the First Trailer for David Leitch’s ‘THE FALL GUY’

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt are teaming up for a new action comedy from director David Leitch, and the first trailer is finally here. The film is an adaptation of the 1980s TV series of the same name, and it follows Gosling’s character, a stuntman who is hired to perform dangerous stunts for a movie star who is not as tough as he seems.

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Ryan Gosling In THE FALL GUY

The trailer is full of all the things you’d expect from a David Leitch film: over-the-top action, hilarious comedy, and plenty of Gosling and Blunt looking amazing. The two stars have great chemistry together, and they look like they’re having a lot of fun in the film.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse of the supporting cast, which includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke, and Hannah Waddingham. All of them look great in their roles, and they round out the cast perfectly.

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Star in the First Trailer for David Leitch's 'THE FALL GUY'
Emily Blunt In The Fall Guy

Overall, the first trailer for ‘THE FALL GUY’ is very promising. It’s funny, action-packed, and has a great cast. If you’re a fan of Gosling, Blunt, or Leitch, then you’re definitely going to want to check this one out.

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