The First Trailer For Halo Season 2 Is Here

Halo Season 2
Halo Season 2

Halo Season 2

The first legit trailer for ‘HALO‘ Season 2 simply dropped, and permit me tell you, it’s approximately to blow your mind like a grenade.

Get prepared for February eighth, because it’s while Paramount unleashes the following chapter of this epic saga. We’re speaking Master Chief returned in movement, visor glinting, gun blazing, prepared to face whatever the Forerunners, the Flood, or another galactic baddies throw his way.

This trailer is natural adrenaline. We’ve were given space battles that could make your eyeballs do the Macarena, epic stand-offs that’ll leave you breathless, and sufficient explosions to mild up the complete damn Ringworld.

And it is not pretty much the motion, human beings. We’re also getting deeper into the thriller of Cortana, the secrets and techniques of the Covenant, and what the heck goes on with Master Chief’s humanity (or lack thereof).

So, buckle up, Spartans. February eighth cannot come soon sufficient. In the intervening time, permit’s dissect this trailer frame by body, theorize approximately every cryptic line, and maybe even cosplay as Grunts while we are at it.

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