Amouranth reveals plans for “safe for work” OnlyFans content

Popular OnlyFans star Amouranth has revealed her plans for new “safe for work” content on the platform, including shows inspired by Ninja Warrior and Fear Factor.

Amouranth reveals plans for "safe for work" OnlyFans content

Amouranth Plans “Safe For Work”

In an interview with Dexerto, Amouranth explained that the concept for the new content first began being discussed early last year, but that it didn’t get going for a bit because of how much production was involved.

“Basically OF approached us with wanting to do more content on their new platform called OFTV which is like safe for work content that links to OnlyFans, but as separate sites have separate projects,” she revealed.

Amouranth said that she was immediately interested in the idea, as she wanted to create content that would appeal to a wider audience, including people who may not be comfortable subscribing to her main OnlyFans account.

“I’ve always wanted to do more SFW content, but I never really had the platform for it,” she said. “So when OF came to me with this idea, I was like, ‘Yes, absolutely.'”

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Amouranth explained that the new shows will be similar to Ninja Warrior and Fear Factor in that they will feature contestants competing in a variety of challenging physical and mental challenges. However, she said that the shows will be toned down for a family-friendly audience.

“We’re not going to have any of the gross-out stuff that you might see on Fear Factor,” she said. “But we will have some really challenging and exciting challenges.”

Amouranth said that she is hoping to launch the new shows in early 2024. She also said that she is open to doing other types of SFW content on OnlyFans in the future, such as cooking shows, travel shows, and even reality TV shows.

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