Maleficent 3 Is In Works With Angelina Jolie? Everything We Know So Far

Maleficent 3
Maleficent 3

Maleficent 3

There are whispers in the wind (or should we say, on social media) that a third installment in the “Maleficent” franchise is in the works. While Disney hasn’t officially confirmed it, various sources suggest a potential 2026 Or 27 release for the highly anticipated sequel.

Angelina Jolie’s return as the iconic Maleficent is not yet confirmed, but many fans are hopeful for her reprisal of the role. After all, who else can bring such depth and power to the misunderstood villain-turned-hero?

What We Know So Far

  • Back in 2021, rumors of a third movie started circulating, but there hasn’t been any official word from Disney. However, the lack of denial gives us hope that Maleficent might grace our screens once again.
  • Angelina Jolie is expected to reprise her iconic role as the titular character. Can you imagine anyone else wielding those epic horns and radiating such powerful energy?
  • The plot details remain a mystery, but we can’t help but speculate. Will Maleficent face a new threat? Continue her reign as Queen of the Moors? Perhaps embark on another adventure with Aurora? The possibilities are endless!

Why We’re Excited?

The first Maleficent films have been a large fulfillment, earning crucial acclaim and raking in billions at the field office. The compelling tale, stunning visuals, and Jolie’s fascinating overall performance captivated audiences global.

The Maleficent universe offers a sparkling attitude on conventional fairytales, exploring issues of correct vs. Evil, prejudice, and the electricity of love. We’re eager to see where Maleficent’s journey takes us next.

The ability for brand spanking new characters and magical creatures is truely interesting. Imagine encountering in no way-earlier than-seen fairies, fantastical beasts, and allies and foes for Maleficent.

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