MCU Wants To Cast Mads Kaecilius For Some Unknown Role

MCU Wants To Cast Mads Kaecilius

According to insider Daniel RPK, Mads Mikkelsen, who previously portrayed Kaecilius in “Doctor Strange” and had a voice cameo in “Loki,” is reportedly in talks for a return to the MCU in an unknown role. While he’s already made his mark in the franchise, it’s unclear if this signifies a return as Kaecilius or the possibility of taking on a new character. Marvel has recasting history, so the potential for Mikkelsen playing a different role remains open.

But, Some fans On internet have speculated that he could take on the iconic role of Doctor Doom, the brilliant ruler. Others have suggested that he might be a good fit for Galactus, the world-eating cosmic entity. Whatever the role, I’m sure Mikkelsen would bring his trademark intensity and charm to the MCU like he did before.

besides all of these rumors, the actor himself has openly expressed his eagerness to revisit the Marvel universe. “I would love to come back,” he declared in a interview, citing the vast storytelling potential and wealth of compelling characters.

No doubt Mads Mikkelsen is great and very versatile actor in Hollywood. But let’s see what future brings for MCU and Mikkelsen.

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