Riverdale Stars Slay as Gotham City Sirens for Halloween

Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart, the stars of the hit TV show Riverdale, transformed into the iconic Gotham City Sirens for Halloween. Mendes dressed as Catwoman, Petsch as Poison Ivy, and Reinhart as Harley Quinn.

Riverdale Stars Slay as Gotham City Sirens for Halloween
Riverdale Stars Slay

Riverdale Stars Slay As DC Sirens for Halloween

The trio looked absolutely stunning in their costumes, which were both accurate to the comic books and stylishly unique. Mendes’ Catwoman costume was sleek and sexy, with a black catsuit, a matching mask, and a whip. Petsch’s Poison Ivy costume was both beautiful and deadly, with a green bodysuit, a flower crown, and a vine-covered staff. Reinhart’s Harley Quinn costume was perfectly chaotic and fun, with a two-piece outfit, a baseball bat, and a pair of pigtails.

and they shared their incredible costumes on social media, and fans were quick to praise their looks. Many people commented that they would love to see the trio star in a live-action Gotham City Sirens movie.

Riverdale Stars Slay as Gotham City Sirens for Halloween
Gotham Sirens

Also Mendes, Petsch, and Reinhart also showed off their incredible makeup skills. Mendes’ Catwoman makeup was sharp and feline, with smoky eyes and a bold red lip. Petsch’s Poison Ivy makeup was fresh and natural, with green eyeshadow and a dewy complexion. Reinhart’s Harley Quinn makeup was colorful and playful, with a two-tone eyeshadow look and a red and blue lip.

The Riverdale stars’ Halloween costumes were a hit with fans and critics alike. They showed off their creativity and sense of style, and they made fans even more excited for the future of the DC Universe.

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