Taika Waititi Admits Lack of Interest in MCU! He Do Marvel Movies For Just Money

Taika Waititi
Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi Reveals That He Join Marvel For Money

The director of “Thor: Ragnarok,” Taika Waititi, revealed that he had no desire to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) prior to taking on the project. During an appearance on the “Smartless” podcast, Waititi explained that his decision to accept the offer was driven by financial necessity rather than artistic ambition.

I had no interest in doing one of those films,” Waititi stated. “It wasn’t part of my plan to become an auteur.” He elaborated that he was facing financial difficulties at the time and had recently welcomed his second child, prompting him to consider the opportunity as a means to provide for his family.

Waititi acknowledged that “Thor” was considered the least popular franchise among the MCU films and that he had never been a fan of the comic books growing up. However, he delved into the source material and found the character to be more intriguing than he initially anticipated.

Taika Waititi Admits Lack of Interest in MCU! He Do Marvel Movies For Just Money
Source: Thor: Love And Thunder (2022)

Taika Waititi, has also expressed his doubts about returning for a fifth “Thor” movie. He believes that the character’s story has reached its natural conclusion and that it’s time to move on to other projects.

Waititi initially felt that the “Thor” franchise was floundering when he was approached to direct the third film. He thought that the character had nowhere else to go and that Marvel was desperate for a fresh perspective.

Despite his initial reservations, Waititi took on the challenge and breathed new life into the franchise. His comedic sensibilities and creative vision were a hit with audiences and critics alike.

However, Waititi is now ready to move on. He has a number of other projects in the works, including an adaptation of “Klara and the Sun” and his upcoming “Star Wars” installment.

He still has a lot of love for Marvel and the “Thor” franchise, but he believes that it’s time to pass the torch to someone else. He’s open to returning in the future, but only if the right opportunity arises.

Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor, has also hinted that a fifth film could be the character’s final outing. He feels that the story has come full circle and that it’s time to bring closure to Thor’s arc.

Only time will tell if there will be a fifth “Thor” movie, but it seems that Waititi and Hemsworth are both ready to move on for now.

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