Tubi! Stream all the DC movies, for free Including “The Batman”

Tubi Stream all the DC movies For Free
Batman V Superman 2016

Tubi Stream all the DC movies For Free

It’s shocking and happy to hear that The ad-supported streaming service “Tubi” has struck a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery to bring a massive collection of DC Comics movies and TV shows to its platform.

Yes, you heard that right. Free. As in, no subscription required.

you can now watch iconic films like The Batman, Suicide Squad, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman for free, with ads. Additionally, beloved series like Batwoman, Gotham, and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman are also available to stream.

There Are More To Release Like, Some Title Available from Tuesday are “Batman,” “Batman Returns” and “Batman Forever,” as well as “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II,” as well as the TV series “Batwoman,” “Gotham” and “ Krypton.”

“Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman” begins airing on December 31.

Tubi! Stream all the DC movies, for free Including "The Batman"
Tubi Stream all the DC movies For Free

Also coming in December are the DC animated films “Batman: Death in the Family”, “DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam”, “Superman Death”, “Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox”, “ Son of Batman ” and “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies,” as well as the “Stargirl” and “Swamp Thing” series and the “Constantine” movie.

Currently, most of these DC titles are exclusively released by Warner Bros. Available to stream on Discovery’s Max, which includes ad-supported and ad-free tiers

In addition to the DC universe, Tubi will own WBD’s on-demand streaming rights to “Blade: The Series,” “Judge Mathis” and “People’s Court”; the films “Annabelle” and “Day of the Doctor”; and “Friday”, “Friday after” and “Friday after”. In 2024, many movies and movies will be released.

When will DC movies start streaming for free on Tubi?

The majority of DC movies and TV shows will begin streaming for free on Tubi in 2024.

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